Llandysul Div1 March 2020

The second Div1 race got off to a good, but cold and windy start. With the fast course to contend with along with the added weather conditions the weekend was set to be interesting for all the paddlers.
The K1 men set the bar high after first paddle down with lots of clean runs. The K1 women followed in both C1 and K1 and the overall standard was up high with the boys.
The weather took a sharp turn for the worse heading into Saturday afternoon, which for the campers didn’t look good.
At the end of the first day the top k1M paddler was Klass Francisks Rozentals finishing 7th, and the top K1W was Megan Bates. For C1M, Klass took the lead again with 6th place and C1W, Kate Lyndon in 2nd place.

Saturday night resulted in one of the coldest camps some paddlers had ever been on, with water coming down so hard at times, it got into their tents soaking their kit. Next time it’s probably best if they get a hotel to get away from the Welsh weather.

With the bad weather on Sunday still following every paddler wherever they went, the energy wasn’t as high as the previous day, but when the race started the enthusiasm was back. The results from Saturday showed again on Sunday, which was a great way to end the weekend. But just as the last few C1 paddlers went down, the weather decided to pelt everyone with fast and hard hail which didn’t help for the people on the water.

Fin keeping Warm on Sunday

So overall Stafford & Stone Canoe Club had a successful weekend in Llandysul and everyone is looking forward to the next one in October.

Saturdays Results

Sunday’s Results

Words & Photos – Issy Mocket