S&SCC France 2023

France 2023

Stafford and Stone are on the move,

Travelling overseas,

Seeing lots of beautiful scenery,

Through the Eurotunnel or on the ferry,

over to France we go,

the journey had begun,

sit tight, the drive will be long,

but worth it in the end.

Arriving at Sault Brenaz,

met with familiar faces,

up goes the tent, QUICK to the river,

Straight to an evening paddle,

The camp has begun.

Sessions with coaches filled the mornings,

Challenges set and achieved,

Up gates and crosses,

Surfing and staggers,

Rolling and swimming,

Boats were broken,

Holes were created,

But so many great memories were made.

The afternoon was free time, 

No desire for a rest,

Fun and carnage to be had,

Hydro surf, rafting or paddling, 

 The choice was hard,

Or… how about a visit to the rocks for a quick climb.

Before we had begun, we had finished, 

The Dutch and Welsh too,

So, Friday there was an international race,

Everyone tried their hardest,

There were rolls, swims and fifties,

Plus, so many personal victories too.

The team runs were brilliant,

Three nations all as one. 

Sault Brenaz a hit,

Now to Argentiere,

 With its stunning aesthetic wallpaper alpine view.

Some arrived shaken and stirred,

After taking on the Col du Galibier,

Tents up in the locations assigned,

With delicious stone baked pizza, 

Impressive thunder lit up the night sky,

Week 2 has begun.

Never far from water,

The ‘Rest’ day was spent at a local lake, 

Larking around on paddle boards, pedalos and inflatables, 

After a welcome meeting with Jazz and Will,

The sessions started on the glacial river,

 Trips to old town Briancon and up the mountains, 

filled the lunch breaks.

A competition was in order,

With the impressive icy river in our power, 

We were unstoppable.

Sadly, the final day arrived, 

Time for an on-land competition,

Find the path to gain victory,

Teams bonded and laughter filled the air, 

Friendships strengthened.

Thanks to Jazz, Will and Dave, 

France was a fortnight to remember.

By Chloe and Emma Wallace