Paddle To Tokyo

To celebrate Adam Burgess getting onto Team GB and representing the UK at Tokyo 2020 we have set a challenge for all S&SCC members. We are going to paddle the 9506km from Stone to Tokyo in just 208 days starting on the 1st Januarys to the 26th July 2020, the day the Olympic Canoe Slalom starts. The aim is to raise money for new equipment for the club and CRY, an excellent charity Adam supports along with many other top athletes.

The idea of this challenge is to show support to Adam along his journey to Tokyo, get everyone active, have some fun and raise some money. It is aimed at everyone in the club, even if you only paddle 1km in the time period please let us know, as ever kilometre counts! We will have markers along the bank at Stone to help you gauge your distance, so count the number of runs you do and don’t forget the paddle back up river. For groups we hope your coach will be able to give you a total for that session to log. At other locations you will have to make an informed guess of distance paddled. We will be using kilometres to measure as it will be easier to work out, Stone being 200m from top to bottom. If you want to take it really seriously you can download many tracker apps for your mobile and log your paddling accurately, but don’t forget a waterproof case!! But don’t just think this is for the paddlers, parents can get involved to by clocking up so Km on the Ergo trainers in the gym. They log distance so easy to keep track. We will even have a class for Ergo paddlers with a prize!

We will have monthly updates of the total distance and a leader board going on the Members Facebook Group. Prizes will be awarded for the furthest distance in each age category. Along with gifts for different amounts raised in sponsorship, £50, £100 etc. This challenge is about the taking part, we are going to get to Tokyo and need everyones help to do it. If you can raise some money along the way then brilliant.

Would you like to make a donation to the challenge? If yes then please use the simple PayPal button bellow:

Are you a local business, would you like to support us with this challenge? If you think you can help please get in touch.