Lights, Camera and Lots of Action

At first glance it was just another day at Stone, but amongst the parents and children lining the river bank was a Blue Peter film crew with the shows presenters Lindsey Russel and Richie Driss.

The crowd encourage the presenters

Blue Peter had decided they wanted to make a film about canoeing and where better to come and do it than Stone. The presenters arrived and were met by a river full of children paddling from all groups.

The crew were kept busy with a full river

It was nice to see some of our newest members who have only been paddling a few weeks on the river with all the more experienced children and a couple of special guests, Joe Clarke and Lizzie Neave.

The challenge sinks in for Lins & Richie

But I t wouldn’t be Blue Peter without the presenters getting involved or in this case wet and a challenge was set. After some tips from our special guest Joe and Lizzie they got on with practicing with the children.

We finally found a kayak Richie could fit in!

To find out more I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for now, the episode will get transmitted in September and will be part of the new Sport Badge which will encourage children to get out, be active and try something new. Watch this space for more details.

The S&SCC and BP crew.

Words – Adrian’s Croome

Pictures – Steve Pearce