Jubilee Celebrations at the Pan-Celtic

It had been a long couple of days at Bala with lots of racing, rain and increasingly dubious toilet facilities,however, those selected to represent England pulled themselves together and mustered the energy from somewhere to do Club & Country proud.

Stafford and Stone had members covering almost every age category, a fantastic achievement in itself !! The Vets K1M saw Paul Evans in Lead boat, Steve & George Harratt doing the same for the C2 team. Reuben Yates was called up for the J14 K1M and Harry Godwin for the J10 K1M. Daisy Macklin for the J14 K1W, Willow Rodi took her spot in the J12 K1W and Rowen Yates stepped up an age category to strengthen the J10 K1W team. In the C1 teams, the girls led the way with Daisy for the J14 and Chloe & Emma Wallace for the J12.

Just before the racing kicked off, Harry learnt that the J10 K1M team was short of paddlers so wouldn’t be represented. Devastating news at the end the weekend, but this didn’t stop Harry from cheering on his teammates from the bankside.

The England Team

England had a very successful evening and were victorious overall with our S&SCC members securing first places in the Vets K1M, C2, J14 K1M & K1W, J14 C1W, J12 C1W and J10 K1W.

Amazing results Team Stafford & Stone.

Words: Gamma Macklin

Picture: Becky Rodi