Ironbridge Div 2 – July 2022

A short jaunt to Ironbridge ensured a large turnout for Stafford & Stone, the club was well represented by a wide range of competitors from Div 3 paddle-ups all the way to the Chairman himself.

Saturday started as it meant to go on with the sun blazing down on paddlers and supporters alike. At first much welcomed but by the end of the day everyone had resorted to hunting out any patch of shade or going for a swim !

Rob Holdway showing how it’s done.

The officials event ran throughout the day as judging shifts allowed, at close of play S&SCC had locked out the podium with Rob Holdway in 1st, Mike Dickinson in 2nd and  John Dickinson in 3rd. Olwen Yates claimed 5th and Dave Royle paddling a C1  finished 7th.

The Vet K1Ms had Steve Harratt with two clean runs in 3rd, Paul Evans 0.3 seconds behind in 4th and Darren Ship finishing 8th.

Gabe Rawlings-Crofts and Leo Miller were up next in the C1M finishing 3rd and 7th respectively.

The K1W saw Alice Williamson securing 8th, with her sister Lucy just behind in 12th. Rebecca Harratt and Karen Dickinson finishing 13th and 14th, with Keira Pearce and Amelia White in 16th and 17th. Willow Rodi took 21st and Rowan Yates, paddling up a division, finishing  23rd overall. 

George Harratt stormed down the course to take a well deserved 2nd in the K1M, although probably best not to ask about his race prep the night before !  Gabe and Reuben Yates took 10th and 11th, with Adam Clarke in 22nd and Dan Clarke in 29th . Seb White and Kunihito Watanabe in their first Div 2 paddle-ups claimed 31st and 34th  respectively.

The C1W saw Daisy Macklin securing her final 1st place and 500 points to gain promotion to Div 1 ….. Congratulations Daisy !!! Brooke Benson finshing in 6th .

Finally the C2s and S&SCC had the Roden Brothers, Bert & Oz, and Harry McKenna & Olwen Yates competing against 2 other boats. The Rodens took a decisive victory 30 seconds clear of Harry & Olwen who finished in 2nd place.

Sunday, although fewer paddlers, was no less exciting and the sun felt even hotter!!

Harry McKenna claimed 1st place in the Officials with a blazing first run, with Olwen in 4th and Dave just behind in 5th.

Vet K1M saw a reversal at the top with Paul taking 3rd, Steve 4th and Darren in 7th.

Leo claiming his highest finish at a Div 2, taking 2nd in the C1M, with Gabe in 5th

Bex improving on her second run to take 11th in the K1W, with Karen just behind in 12th. Keira in 14th, Amelia 15th and Rowen finishing 17th and the highest Div 3 paddle-up… Well done Rowan !!

Next up the K1M, and Reuben left no doubt that he had earnt his promotion, taking an early lead with his first run and then improving on it by 0.5 seconds with his final run, 1st place and 500 points …. 3 wins AND 62 points over the required 2350, a massive congratulations Reuben, enjoy Div 1 !!! George, also with a couple of flying runs placed 5th, Gabe 9th, Adam 21st and Dan 29th. The Div 3 K1M paddle-ups saw Kunihito come 31st and Seb 33rd

Brooke finished 3rd in the C1W, improving by 10 seconds on her second run, whilst Team Roden again claimed 1st place in the C2 category. 

Another successful weekend for Stafford & Stone Canoe Club, now roll on the Club Camp !!

Saturday Results

Sunday Results

Words – Gemma Macklin

Pictures – Paul Evans