GYM Booking

Following the latest guidance from British Canoeing we are now able to re-open the club Gym. Use of the gym is for individuals or single family groups only, juniors must be supervised at all times by a parent. However, some strict procedures have been put in place to ensure we are Covid compliant. The main club room and kitchen remains closed.

We would remind all members and parents that you follow and comply with this guidance. This has been done to allow us to reopen safely, comply with current laws, to protect you and the other members. Failure to follow these rules will result in the facilities being shut for all immediately. Please look after each other and stay safe. 

Face coverings

Whenever in the clubhouse please wear a face covering. This can be removed when in the gym.

Cleaning requirements by members before and after use

The Gym is cleaned every Wednesday by our contract cleaner. They will only be cleaning the floor and door handles and switches. They will not be cleaning gym equipment.

Every time you use an item of equipment we ask you to clean it before you touch it with the cleaning products provided and then wipe down again once you have finished. At the end of your session please give floor areas where you have worked out a wipe down. Please dispose of all cleaning items in the bin supplied. 

Parents should make sure that your child (or yourself) have completed the necessary cleaning.

Please keep the gym tidy and put items back on the racks. 

The windows in the gym are open to allow air flow. Please do not shut them. We will keep the shutters closed for security. 

Remember to wipe door handles and alarm key pad on exit of the clubhouse. The contract cleaner will be in every Wednesday, from 9am to 11.30 am to deep clean the club house. At this time the clubhouse is closed.

Booking A Slot

Every session must be booked. You can not just turn up. Slots are booked in 1hr sessions, with a maximum of 2 slots. We will leave 30min between sessions to avoid cross over and we would ask you to leave your session on time and not stay past the booked time. 

Use the booking from below or email: to book your slot(s).