At Stafford & Stone we are driven by getting young and old on the water, paddling and having fun. But we are aware of the need to encourage women into canoeing and more importantly keeping them paddling. Thats why at S&SCC we are pleased to have so many fantastic women in the club competing at all levels from the Olympics to Div4! This broad range of talent inspire and encourage the girls into trying the sport of Canoe Slalom and hopefully in the not too distant future we will have our next female olympian and a lot of happy paddlers too. 

For more information on #ShePaddles please visit British Canoeing 

We are also immensely proud to be able to support the amazing work that Slalom Inspires does in getting young girls on the water end developing their slalom skills. With girls from S&SCC attending as well as helping to run the sessions. If you don’t know what Slalom Inspires does please take a moment to visit their website and if you haven’t taken part in one of their weekends, we cant recommend it highly enough!