Grants Applications

As you get further along your paddling journey you might find that cost of travel and extra training could mount up. There are many sources of grants for athletes but they can be difficult to find! Here is a simple way to look for charities that support individuals for sports grants… However it can be very time consuming so please be prepared to set sometime aside to work through the options. Also please remember that there will be many applications sent in to each charity so there is no guarantee that your application will be successful.  Each charity has their own criteria for who and what they will fund, therefore please make sure you check there eligibility before applying.  Some take applications all year around some only once or twice a year. You will need to be patient as applications that meet the criteria are usually discussed at Trustee meetings.  These meetings can vary from monthly to once a year, but any grants have to be authorised by the trustees. 

If you require a reference or endorsement from Stafford and Stone Canoe Club please approach a committee member or your coach.

Please note it is your responsibility to apply for the grant, if you require advice on how to put together a grant application then please contact Debs Homer

To look for charities who provide grants for individuals for sport go to the Charity Commission website…

Click on Find a Charity

Then click on Advanced Search on the left side column

Go down to Classification and in the first dropbox “What the Charity Does” choose “Amateur Sport”

In the second dropbox Who the charity helps” choose the category that applies to you

In the third dropbox “How the Charity Operates”  choose “Makes Grants to Individuals”

Then go to the bottom of the page and click search…

Your results will come up and this is the time consuming part!

Work through the charities and see if you meet their requirements.  Some don’t have websites or emails so you may need to write to them to find out if your eligible to apply.

Good luck!