2020 Junior Taster Days

We are very pleased to announce that we will now be holding two taster days on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July.

This year we are having to take extra precautions to keep participants, parents/guardians and S&SCC staff safe. These measures are within current government and British Canoeing Guidelines. These guidelines are changing regularly and we will update you before or on the day of any changes. We would ask you to only attend if you are not showing any of the signs of COVID 19 and do not have a temperature. If you or any of your family are displaying symptoms please do not attend and let us know. 

We are keeping sessions to a maximum of 6 people, this is made up of 2 participants, 1 parent per participant, 1 coach and 1 assistant. We would ask all those participating to attend with just one parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be responsible for fitting safety equipment under the guidance of the coach. They will need to be able to carry equipment to the river and get their child into the kayak. 

All equipment is being cleaned by S&SCC staff, you will have the option to wipe surfaces further with supplied products (please do not bring your own, as the products need to be safe to use on the equipment). 

In the event your child should fall in the water they will be instructed to swim to the side, where the parent/guardian will help them out of the water. Coaches will only assist if a child is getting into difficulty or in the event of an emergency. For safety the coach and assistant will retrieve the kayak, empty it and get it to the bank for the parent/guardian to help the child get back in. It is up to you if you would like to wipe it down again before getting back in. 

Regrettably we are unable at this time to use our clubhouse as per guidelines. This means we will not have access to changing rooms. Please bring suitable towels to be able to change by your car. 

A toilet will be available (not for changing in) and will be cleaned regularly. We would advise all participants and parent/guardians to clean their hands as soon as they have removed all kit. This is to help with the spread of COVID and to stop any waterborne diseases. 

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in contact before your session. We are doing our best to make this as safe and enjoyable under the current circumstances. 

The ideal age for these sessions is between 10 and 12 years old. They are just £10 for a session and you don’t need any equipment. We will supply everything, you just need to bring some close fitting clothes you don’t mind getting wet in and some old trainers. A wet suit would be good if you have one, shorts and T-shirt are not sufficient and jeans are no good. Bring a change of clothes and a willingness to have lots of fun!!

On arrival you will be met by the Junior coach and support team. They will introduce you to the club, a bit of history about the amazing things we have done over the years and explain a bit about Canoe Slalom. Then it will be time to get kitted up with helmets and buoyancy aids, canoeing cagoule and onto the water. You will be shown the basics of canoeing and will have a chance to paddle around our course. This session always includes plenty of games and fun activities and we cant guarantee you will finish it dry!!

River water is not as clean as drinking or swimming pool water. All participants should shower following the session, either at the club or at home. It is particularly important that at least face and hands are washed before eating or drinking.

A parent/guardian must attend the session and remain present throughout the session.

After the taster session you will be invited to come to a few more taster sessions. Then you will be able to join our 2020 beginners group and pay the monthly membership fee. If you choose to take a place in the group you will then start paddling every week at Stone and will be coached in the art of Canoe Slalom. Depending on how that goes you might even got to race at one of the Stone Slalom races in the summer or Autumn. Whilst in this group all equipment is supplied. After your first year as a junior beginner you will be moved into the main junior group and will now be a full member of the club. Training will continue as before and you will now hopefully be going to races away from Stone.

It is testament to this beginners group that over the last few years we have had Olympians Lizzie Neave (London 2012), Joe Clarke (Rio 2016 Gold Medalist) and Adam Burgess (Tokyo 2020) all start in the same way as hopefully you will. Who knows where this taster day could take you? Maybe you will just make a cool new group of friends, get fit and active or maybe you could be our next Olympian from Stafford & Stone.

Places are limited, its first come first served so please contact us quickly to book your place. Please use the contact form below.