Mini Slaloms

The Stone Mini Slalom is an annual Three race series, held on the River Trent in Stone. Always at the start of the year it is seen as the warm up for the up coming season, giving racers a chance to get back into life on the start line and brush up on Race Technique. It is open to all Divisions and classes and is a handicap system, meaning anyone could take the overall race win. As well as the overall winner there are prizes for Class and Divisions too. If you compete in all three races we also have a series winner too. Like all slaloms you will have two runs.

The course is generally open for practice from early on Sunday morning. Entries are online at Entries close at Friday prior to race. Racing will get underway at 11am. The cost is £8.

At Stafford & Stone Canoe Club we have 1st class facilities. You will have access to the warm changing rooms with showers, relax in the club house and enjoy some fantastic hot food, provided by our dedicated kitchen team. Hot breakfast baps in the morning to pasta and jacket potatoes with choice of topping for lunch. As well as the obligatory none stop tea, coffee and cake all day long.

More information about each specific race will be posted on our Facebook page and you can show you're joining us in the Events.