ECA Junior Cup – Solkan

Three of our Juniors (Shannon Judge, Thomas & William Mayer), took the long trip to Solkan Slovenia on the lovely green Soca river. For William and Shannon it was the first time racing in Solkan.

The format of the race is 1 qualification run followed by a final. With over 350 paddlers the field was very large and some of the classes over 60 paddlers.
On Saturday all 3 qualified for the final. William started the final in C1 J14 finishing 10th. Next was Shannon in K1W J18 finishing 7th. William put a clean K1 run down with him finishing in 15th place. Thomas managed to take several seconds out of his run with no penalties earning him a 4th place in K1M J16.

Sunday same format again. All three qualified for the finals delivering good qualification runs. William started the final in C1. On the difficult cross for the C1 he hesitated for a split second and fell off the eddy missing two gates. The fast flowing river does not allow for this. Following the C1M the K1W were in action and Shannon delivered a clean run and came 5th. After the girls finished the heavens opened and the race was interrupted for 30 min, allowing the car park to drain off again. William finished 23rd in his final run. Thomas was keen to improve on his fast and clean semifinal run, but two touches pushed him outside of the top ten finishing in 13th place.

The three had a successful weekend measuring themselves with the top European paddlers. Wonder if Darren does stickers for international races as well.
Next stop Flattach were Luc & Tiff Royle and James Grocock are joining them. Two race days Tue, Wed. After Flattach we are off to Augsburg for our final two races before we head home.

Words and Pictures Horst Mayer