Chair Report 2019

Interclub result – Once again a win for the club.  Congratulations to all the team leaders and those who took part in both teams and thank you to all those who supported and helped make the event a success for the club

Selection Results

Alfie Boote and Kurts Adams Rozentals were selected to race at Junior level. Kurts and Ed Dickinson were also named reserves in K1M as was Luc Royle in C1M.

Joe Clarke, Chris Bowers and Adam Burgess were all selected onto the 2019 Senior GB team with Chris also selected for U23 Team and Sam Maingay named as a reserve at U23 level.

Olympic selection was another story, with Joe Clarke and Adam Burgess having the upper hand prior to the final leg of the selection trials at the 1992 Olympic Course of Seud’Urgell. The Selection Policy heavily weighted performance at the third and final selection race and for those who headed the leader board (Adam and Joe), their position was precarious. The C1M place was hotly contested and as Adam failed to make the final, everything was out of his hands.  David Florence was, however, unable to make the 5th place he needed and despite the fact that he qualified the GB Olympic place, it will be Adam who represents Team GB.  In K1M the tension was electric as Joe and Bradley Forbes Cryans both made the cut to the final.  In the end it was Joe’s two penalties which ruled him out of the most prestigious race in the World with Bradley on a flyer in 4th and Joe in 5th behind him. So, another of Andy Neave’s legacy made it to be one of the most elite of sports persons but it would have been better to have been two.

International Championship Results

Chris Bowers was 4th at the Lee Valley World Cup and was 6that the U23 Worlds in Krakow

Adam Burgess Silver at World Cup 1 London, Won Olympic selection in C1M and was 5th at the Europeans in Pau and has a World ranking of 11th in C1M

Joe Clarke won Gold at Lee Valley World Cup, was 4th at the Europeans in Pau, was 5th at the Worlds in Seu and reachedworld ranking of number 1

Kurts Adams Rozentals and Alfie Boote succeeded with a Bronze in the C1 teams at Krakow Worlds and will have their names added to the club honours boards and Alfie went on to the Final in the Individual event

The club also had many Junior members competing at European Junior Cups in the Summer

Club Championships

K1W Kate Lyndon, C1W Shannon Judge

K1M Rob Holdway, C1M Alfie Boote, C2 Sam Maingay / Alfie Boote

Club Awards

J14 Lizzie Neave Award – Kate Lyndon

J16 Star Award – Luc Royle

J18 Richard Fox Award – Alfie Boote

U23 Laura Blakeman Award – Chris Bowers

Senior Joe Clarke Award – Adam Burgess

Congratulations to all those who have been named on England and UK squads for this Winter.

Joe Clarke, Adam Burgess and Chris Bowers Continue on the British Canoeing Programme and Alfie Boote has been added onto Podium Potential following his excellent results this year. The following are named on English Programmes for this Winter.

EPS – Sam Maingay

ENTS – Kurts Adams Rozentals, Edward Dickinson, Thomas Mayer, Luc Royle

SRS – Harry Evans, Klass Francisk Rozentals, , Katie Greaves, Harry Kirby, Kate Lyndon, William Mayer, Christopher Royle, Isaac Wright

RTA – Finley Croome, Jessica Croome, Alana Middleton, Theo Wright.


This year we have had some great input from our coaches.  Lead by Andy Neave we have had regular meetings and Rufus, Ant, Horst, Ken, Jess, Darren, Sam Maingay and Sam Miles have made sure that all our paddlers have had the opportunity to progress. These coaches have also been supported by Rebecca Harratt, Keira Pearce, Harry Ship and Chloe Burrows as assistant coaches who have the opportunity of Club support to progress their coaching qualifications. I would also like to give particular mention to Jess Magson who has been able to step up to provide a solution to the fact that Sam Miles is leaving us today. Jess will be running the beginners sessions on a Friday until we can find a more permanent solution.


Thanks to Committee for working so hard this year on all our behalves.  Thomas Mayer and Shannon Judge have had regular meetings with the Juniors and passed on requests and messages to the Committee. Andy Neave has been Coaching Officer and coordinated coaches’ meetings and parents’meetings which have been very valuable from a communication level.

I would also like to thank John Homer and Pete Appleton for their efforts in maintaining and improving the clubhouse andtiming systems.  Darren Ship for his work as the Health and Safety Officer. Peter Willett (supported by Jane Turner) for being Welfare and Equipment Officer. Pete Appleton for his work as Treasurer. Rob Holdway as Vice Chair and DBS checks and Calendar Management. Phil Gooding as President and Adrian Croome as webmaster. Deborah Homer for Gateline, Press Officer, Fund Raising and Junior Group Liaison. Karen Thomlinson as Secretary for keeping us all in order (with help from Dick Mantle).  I should mention Simon Tonry as honorary Auditor who has carried out this role for many years. Many of these people have also been event organisers as well.

This year we ran the club championships and awards evening which were very successful thanks to Horst, Shannon, Karen and Deb’s.

A number of people are resigning from their role this year and I would like to thank them for the significant contributions that they have made over the years they have been with the club.

Jane Turner – Welfare officer

Andy Neave – Coaching Officer

Karen Tomlinson – Secretary

Sam Miles – Beginner’s Coach

Dave Royle 13/11/2019