Cardington – June 22nd 23rd

Isaac on his winning C1 run.

An excellent weekend at Cardington. Issac had fantastic weekend taking the hot spots in C1 and little brother didn’t shy away from the competition either by beating his brother’s K1 time at Sundays racing.

Isaacs first Div2 win.

It was good to see the new paddles christening there paddles in new water and having positive experiences.

Olwen trying somewhere new.

The girls in J14 were having mixed results Brooke was getting to grips with her C1 taking positive tender steps. Poppy smiling and taking the opportunity in her stride while Millie being technical as always, apart from her last race which didn’t quite go to plan.

Brooke progressing well in C1

Thank you goes out to to all the coaches who attended and gave race support and a big shout out to George Harratt for encouragement and support to paddlers. And a final mention to parents thank you for your time company without you all it wouldn’t happen and certainly helps to make the weekend more enjoyable.

Words Jason Austin