Welcome to Stafford & Stone Canoe Club

We are a friendly, volunteer led club for competitive canoe slalom. The club has been getting local children and adults on the water since 1973, taking them from absolute beginner to Olympic Gold Medalist and every stage in between.
Since the club started we have been producing some of the sport’s top canoe slalom paddlers who have represented Stafford and Stone across the UK and the World, gaining the club a reputation for excellence. This has allowed us to build our fantastic facility on the banks of the River Trent and build a passionate and dedicated team of volunteer coaches and helpers.

When Blue Peter wanted to try Canoe Slalom there was only one place for them to come and try it. In the summer of 2019 presenters Lindsey Russel and Richie Driss joined the children of Stafford & Stone Canoe Club and star paddlers Joe Clarke and Lizzie Neave to learn all about Canoe Slalom. After demonstrating their skills on the water Joe and Lizzie set a head to head challenge of a 8 gate course and handed over to two off the club junior paddlers. They had a crash course in the basics and Richies lessons were very much crash!! Then went head to head against the clock. Despite having paddled before and appearing to be more in control two missed gate penalties put Lindsey on the back foot for Richies run. It was a tense run and with only one missed gate all Richie had to do was cross the finish line. He did this in style capsizing as he went through the final gate. The judges gathered and it was determined Richie had made the gate and with this took the win. The film finished with both Richie and Lindsey raving about canoe slalom and encouraging everyone to give it a go. So why don’t you? If you would like to give canoeing a go please get in contact and sign up for our junior or adult sessions. More details are on our Get Involved section, or you can email:beginners@staffordandstonecc.co.uk

Current River Level

This is the live river level from the Darlaston Gauge, just up the river. For more information on the river please click below.

From Stone to London 2012

Lizzie Neave is one of the clubs Olympians. She started her paddling journey at Stone and went on to compete on the worlds biggest stage at the London Olympics in 2012.

“I remember my time at Stafford and Stone fondly, as a place with fantastic opportunities to get involved in paddling and competing, and in making friends and having fun as a part of a lively, successful and supportive club.” Lizzie Neave